Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

Seland & Winn™ Tax Services
recognizes the importance of your privacy and makes it a top priority to protect the privacy of certain information you enter into our Website.

If you visit one of our Seland & Winn™ Tax Services offices for any service, or if you utilize any service from our Wincome On-Line Tax Preparation service at such time any of these are available, such usages of information collected will be subject to a separate Privacy Policy disclosed to you when you use these services.  

Information We Collect is information sent to us on this or Affiliates’ websites by you the client or prospective client or other user and used to provide information requested or to perform services for that client or prospective client or other user.   We collect this information by specifically requesting it from you.   This will include, but not be limited to, registration information to our websites’ services or information specific to performance of any particular service.

Generally, contact information needed from you to successfully perform any service would include your name and e-mail address.   Sometimes, depending on the nature of the service requested, we will ask for your Street Address, Zip Code and Telephone number.   One example of request and use of this information would be if you communicated an interest in either a Franchise opportunity or utilizing a Tax Course.  

Information We Disclose is strictly controlled according to Federal and State Statutes, and, where applicable, according to use for a purpose that is perceived to be required by law.   The following better defines some “persons” that we may or may not disclose such information to:

       Third Party Persons.   Seland & Winn™ Tax Services does not share your personal information with any non-affiliated or other Third Parties for their marketing, advertising and/or promotional purposes.

Persons Who Request Your Information For Legal Purposes.   We will disclose your information to Affiliates or non-affiliated persons if, in our perception or belief, or by any law or statute or request by any law-making body, such information is or will be required to be disclosed.   This includes matters concerning outside persons or in matters to be used to bring legal action against a person who may be violating our Terms Of Use of Service or may be causing injury to any of our Rights of Property. 

       Franchisees.   If you request services or information in an area served by one of our Franchisees, or if you enroll in any of our education Tax Courses provided by any Franchisee, Seland & Winn™ Tax Services may disclose your information to such Franchisee.

       Persons Who Acquire Our Business Or Assets.   If Seland & Winn™ Tax Services sells or transfers any of its business or assets, information about our clients, including yours, may be a part of that transaction.   In this case, you will be notified in the same process that we use to notify you of a change in our Privacy Policy, as described later.

Changes To Our Privacy Statement, including changes in a material way that are made which involve the manner in which we may use your information will be communicated to you at least 30 days in advance of such changes by either: 1) e-mail to your last known current e-mail address, OR, 2) via a NOTICE POSTING on our Website.

Updates To Your Information may be requested from us, from time to time.   This is done to better ensure that our communications are, in fact, reaching you as the intended destination of such communications.

Your Acceptance Of These Terms is acknowledged by your use of this Website and signifies your agreement to Seland & Winn™ Tax Services Privacy Policy.

If You Do Not Agree With This Privacy Policy, then please do not use this Website.   Continued use, by you, of Seland & Winn™ Tax Services, or its’ Affiliates, Website both before and after Posting of any changes means that you agree to and accept these changes.

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